Make money clicking ads - The Clickers

# Get Paid to Click up to 1c ads
# Get Paid to Read emails (0.5c or 1 cent)
# 30% Commission on Referral Earnings (100% for Premium Members)
# 15-90 cents or more Paid to Sign Up to free sites!
# Many contests. Huge Prizes
# $5.5 Minimum Payout(AlertPay, PayPal)
# PayPal, AlertPay and MoneyBookers Business Verified

LET'S KEEP THIS SITE SIMPLE. Just Click ads, read emails, visit websites and you will get paid - as long as you have ONLY ONE account and you DO NOT VIOLATE our terms in any way.
Complete offers like signups to free sites, etc and earn more. We offer a really cool affiliate program that is setup so that you earn 30% of the earnings of any person you directly refer to our site. Just like the rest of our site, the affiliate program is completely free and you can start telling people about us as soon as you join!
Premium members earn more from the affliate program!

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